Walden Galleria

"I went to the boulevard mall after the gentlemen here told me they had a better selection of heavy 14k gold chains. They were very nice and dedicated there time to showing me all of there selections here. Then they recommended to go to Blvd mall where I ended up making my purchase."

Gary W.

"Friendly employees and they always give good prices. Very competitive they can best anyone's price if you tell them other jewelry store prices."

Billy R.

"5 stars for 5 star service. Only place open on sundays to sell gold."

John W.

"Amazing jewlery! I went through there Instagram page and saw that Lil Yatchy went there and got some merchandise. So I went there myself to see how good they really are, and I was really surprised on the deals they got. I bought a gold chain, watch, and some diamond earrings and the total balanced around $750, and to top it off they offered me a free pair of silver earrings. The employees were super cooperative and they were willing to bargain the price. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to get a deal on some merchandise."

Mian T.

"i was looking for a ring for my wife and a watch for myself. I was satisfied and I got a great deal but most importantly my wife is really happy with her diamond ring."

Juneju K.

"Colosseum is the best out there right to the point in there price I like there diamonds rings they give me 50% plus he used his discount 10% on top I save alot of money .
Love colosseum"

Abrham A.

"Best jewelers in the Galleria mall. Got some really good prices both buying and selling. Also nice folks working there."

Hulk S.

"I went one day to sell some of my gold jewelry to Colosseum Jewelry and was amazed for how much I got for my gold even though it was broken. I will definitely come to this store from now on!"

Tanzim G.

"Great store. Family owned business with hard working honest people. Very polite and always get best deals. Favorite jewelry store."

John J.

"Was strapped for cash and came to the mall to try and find a place to sell some old gold. This place gave me the best deal for my used gold. I'd definitely recommend it for anyone who needs some quick cash."

Dan J.

"Great selection of diamond jewelry. Thanks for the help MJ. Hope to see you again."

John W.

"Great job they've done . Fast response when walking into the store ! Received a great deal."

Markey M.